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2700HG-D Gateway Setup Wizard
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Unnumbered Mode
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WARNING: Unchecking VIP will disable the ability to use devices on the LAN with dynamic IP addresses.
RFC 1483 Mode
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Addressing: Dynamic
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DNS Server: Automatically obtain DNS settings
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Transparent Bridging Mode
WARNING: Transparent Bridging Mode causes the gateway's local IP address to get set as you want to connect to the gateway when it is in Transparent Bridging mode, you must change its configuration parameters with the following steps:
  • Configure your computer's IP address to work on the same subnet (ex. 192.168.0.x,
  • Attach your computer to the local network port of the gateway
  • Enter as the address in a web browser.
Note: When in Transparent Bridging Mode, NAT and the DHCP Server are disabled.