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Data Errors
Collected for 0:01:29
Since ResetCurrent 24-Hour IntervalCurrent 15-Minute IntervalTime Since Last Event
ATM Cell Header Errors:0000:00:00
ATM Loss of Cell Delineation:0000:00:00
DSL Link Retrains:0000:00:00
DSL Training Errors:0000:00:00
DSL Training Timeouts:0000:00:00
DSL Loss of Framing Failures:0000:00:00
DSL Loss of Signal Failures:0000:00:00
DSL Loss of Power Failures:0000:00:00
DSL Loss of Margin Failures:0000:00:00
DSL Cumulative Errored Seconds:0000:00:00
DSL Severely Errored Seconds:0000:00:00
DSL Corrected Blocks:0000:00:00
DSL Uncorrected Blocks:0000:00:00
ISP Connection Establishment:0000:00:00